Next-generation software for Oral Anticoagulant Therapy.

Parma GTS helps clinicians better manage patients with thromboembolism-related disease while reducing the impact of the disease follow-up on patients’ daily activities and lifestyle.


Designed for all models of care:

Parma GTS is a flexible system which can be designed to handle a single doctor’s office, ambulatory clinics, centralized hospitals or a regional health authority.  The system is adaptable depending on where patient testing is carried out, whether centralized in the lab or at primary care facilities.



Dosing Package:

The consulting physician may opt for the use of the PARMA 5 clinical dosing algorithm to aid in the dosing of OAT drugs such as Warfarin.  This algorithm has been the subject of several studies which validate its use in clinical settings.*

*Manotti et al.  Haematologica.  86:  1060-1070, October 2001.

*Poller et al.  Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 6:  935-943, June 2008.

*Poller et al.  British Journal of Haematology.  143(2): 274-283, October 2008.



What’s new:


  • PARMA GTS is designed to manage patients on traditional therapeutic drugs such as Warfarin or Acenocoumarol.  But it also takes into account new Direct Oral Anticoagulant drugs such as Xa inhibitors.
  • Easy to use, intuitive “dashboard” interface which allows the user to view all relevant information on one screen.
  • On-screen configuration module to construct the application as desired.
  • Proactive head’s up display of alerts or conditions about patient conditions.
  • In addition to INR and APTT results, the system registers other relevant laboratory tests used in Oral Anticoagulant Therapy.



  • A scalable solution: from an individual physician installation to a centralized SaaS (Software as a Service) model for a region or country. 
  • Support Linux and Windows servers. 
  • Browser and Rich Client availability.


  • Patient registration and cancellation. 
  • VKA (Vitamin K Antagonist) dosing with weekly dosage (as supported by the PARMA 5 algorithm).  The system automatically calculates a dosing pattern and allows the clinician the possibility to complement the therapy with a daily dose of Heparin.  Both VKA and Heparin dosing can be manually adjusted. 
  • The system also allows the user to specifically manage patients on “direct” drugs by means of a daily dosing pattern.
  • Management of hospitalized patients (in addition to ambulatory patients).

  • Management of patient records: demographics, caregiver, therapeutic program history, test history, clinical events history. 

  • Therapeutic programs including: categorized diagnosis, risks factors, range & target, default drug and model of care. 

  • Integrated follow-up screen for daily patient monitoring routine. 
  • Patient reception and registration of therapeutic questionnaire. 
  • Automatic and/or manual INR and/or APTT test result entry, weekly dosage adjustment of first and/or second drug, daily distribution of the different drugs and new test date appointment.
  • Patient therapeutic scores questionnaires:


  • Bi-directional connectivity with the LIS, HIS & EMR systems for lab results, patient demographics, prescription information, etc. 
  • Connectivity with more than 100 laboratory and point-of-care analyzers to receive INR results automatically.

Clinical Aspects:

  • Direct access to the information from an external application. 
  • Configurable automatic algorithms for therapeutic decision support available. 
  • Interfering drugs registration and alerts. 
  • Support for AC clinic administrator, AC manager (at AC clinic and/or primary care practice), nurse, attendant, patient and administrator user roles. 
  • Support for patient management on vacation outside his/her normal center management. 
  • Support for hospitalized episodes. 
  • Support for studies definition and patient enrollment. 
  • Configurable test reports in PDF format, including test result, dosage instructions and new test date. 
  • Export data utility and most common statistic reports. 
  • Support for self-testing patients at home: web page for INR test result entry, recording of replies to therapeutic questionnaire, test report automatically sent to patient after dosage adjustment.
  • E-mail reporting to individual patients or hospitals.


  • Privacy preserved by enforced access control lists for each user and using SSL for Internet data transfer. 
  • User/Patient configurable multilingual user interface.

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